How can I learn videography? – Videography Tutorial

I have a lot of great advice for this and I’ve got videos for every question from beginners to advanced.

How do I shoot for a professional?

One of the best things about videography is that you can focus on what the client wants to know – so there’s no shortage of questions around the industry. As far as filming goes, I highly recommend checking out The Creative Circle – I’ve been using the company for many years and everything I’ve learned from it has made a huge difference in my own work. I’ve been using this company, along with the other channels I find myself subscribed to such as The Great Courses, Vimeo and The Cinematic Show. The Creative Circle –

The Creative Circle – The –

The Great Courses –

Vimeo –

The Cinematic Show –

I’m starting to feel more comfortable talking about this stuff publicly. Let me know if you have any questions on YouTube. If you have any thoughts on anything that I’ve covered, feel free to message me direct.

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