Does screen recording record sound? – Cinematography Shots

The screen recording recorder works on the standard NTSC format – the movie is in colour, but you can also record sound. For the best quality, record video with a camera which can play back at normal picture quality or up to the maximum quality at 1080p. Video recording is very good for an NTSC-compliant screen recorder – very noticeable is text and graphics coming through loudspeakers.

Video and audio recording is also good for video chat in public.

Does the camera have an optional flash?

Yes, there is a single flash which can be used for outdoor videos. Some cameras will have a removable flash too which can be used for indoor video too (so the flash is optional).

Does this camera support the optional touch screen?

Yes, the camera adds an additional button for using it to shoot video with remote control or using a stylus (or pen), and it may be useful if your hand is not quite big enough to reach its screen securely, if there is too much wind, or if you are looking to be able to quickly and easily take the frame for a quick shot. The touch screen can only be used using the camera’s built-in camera. You must first turn the camera on by turning the knob on the inside of the casing.

You can also attach a remote to the back of the camera for easy operation. These are often referred to as “remote control cameras” or “remote control flashes”.

How do I set the exposure in the camera?

Select your preferred mode (normal, cinema mode, night mode, daytime, night shot and video mode). The camera automatically sets the exposure to the correct exposure setting in the selected mode.

Can the camera read from the USB memory card?

No, the camera does not read from the memory cards, it records the recorded video directly to the memory card.

Who created the video camera?

You will need to ask Sony if the camera you buy is included in their Sony Online store if you want to see what they are capable of. It is a very clever product built on the idea of making a great camera for everyone.

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