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Well yes, it does make money but not really. You have to make a song to make a living. There are several things that come into play here however, the most important is that you will have to work for years on a song. For example, you can do a song for ten dollars an hour then make another ten dollars to make an album. This is quite the bargain but it is all about the time investment and time. To make it work, you have to take all this into account. Another consideration is that musicians are extremely expensive to make. This is true as anyone who has ever played the guitar will understand. Not only are you required to have a great guitar, but you have to have a very fast guitarist. So if you want to make something you will need a guitarist. There are of course other ways, but as far as the cost per point of entertainment goes, then the music is the important part. Another way I would suggest that you can make this part of your career is to tour the world with your band. So take them to England and Germany and then go back to England to perform and sell their music to local radio stations. This will be quite expensive as the amount of tickets you are asking for per audience would make the cost higher. However, you will make more money from the gigs and from any profit that your music might make you because the demand for your music will be so high and you will be given a platform on radio for that level of music. I also suggest that you have a few other things working in your favor as well. The first is if you have a good writing team behind you. I am talking about the bands on your record label. The amount of money that you and the band will earn will be greater if you all write the same good songs. As far as the artists are concerned, when you’re working under contract you can’t get sued because the law protects them. However, if you have other artists under contract, that means you can get sued or have your artists fired at will, then you may very well have to deal with some legal trouble if the other artists you are working with don’t want you around. To ensure that the artists always wanted by you get paid as much as possible, make sure they do some kind of contract with you on a weekly basis. This way they understand that you are not a slave to them. Also, have some writers on speed dial that will be available so that you can reach each artist and have them give you their thoughts during
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