Do I need a microphone to make YouTube videos? – Video Shoot Meaning

A: Nope. It’s all about just doing the video (assuming people are online). All the recording/replay features of YouTube work just like you’d expect. What you do on a YouTube video is not particularly vital – it’s there for the benefit of everyone. Of course, it can’t hurt to record to a phone or a laptop (especially when you’re doing a very slow video).

Q: How do I use my laptop during the edit?

A: If you’re making a lot of YouTube videos (especially of gaming), consider an external recording device. There are several options available:

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A: Most laptops and desktops work with Windows – you can get a free version of Windows Media Player that will let you record to a phone or external hard drive via Bluetooth or your computer while the laptop is booted from Windows. Also, many laptops have a built-in USB port that can be used to connect to a hard disk as well as a mobile recording.

Q: I need a dedicated phone/camcorder/camcorder box for recording on YouTube!

A: Some people make an extra-large (or extra-small) phone/camcaster to help them record while sitting in a chair. We also recommend renting or buying a portable phone case – our phone case, The Pocket Ceton, can accommodate a phone up to 30 inches tall. The same applies to our phone cover for our computer case, as a thin phone covering that fits nicely around our computer case is always ideal.

Q: What software and operating systems do I need to record with?

A: There are lots of options: either a Windows app called Skype for Windows or a Windows app called PhoneBlast, all of which use different software depending on the type of video you’re getting (audio, video, still). There are also several different web-based video recorders. It pays off to choose software and support from people who know how they work (and are more well-versed in the topic) – like the folks at YouTube! Our main recommendation for basic recorders is the free Skype for iPhone app, which can record up to 30 minutes in high-quality HD video. For high-quality video, you can opt for an iPhone-only recording app, such as VideoJuggler, which can convert the iPhone’s audio and video into 720p-quality files. For a mobile recording option, check out PhoneJam, which allows you to record

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