Can you video screenshot on iPhone? – Videography Tutorial

No, it’s not possible.

You will have to use other means to have a screenshot.

Can you do a text on iPhone? Not a problem.

You can write text on iPhone.

Can I use Voice Call on iPhone? Yes, you will have to install the VoIP service or have your own VoIP service. Can I call someone offline? Yes, you can use the microphone and listen to someone. We are not allowing you to call anyone in the city that is not on the list in this guide.

Now let us take a look into this tutorial and give you an idea about how these things works.

1) Install Free Phone Book and Add Friends

Go to app Store and type in the App name and download phone book .

. After you download and install it then close it. Then open free phone book.

Once you open then the page will look like this .

Now you can click on Contact friends in the top and choose your friends from the list. Now you can get friends from around the world. Let’s have a look at how you can get more friends.

Once you click, you will see 10 friends in the list who will show up in the top section and they will have a green background. Select them all and you will see their icon next to their name.

Then there are four options that you can choose. If you click their name, you will see their friends like you see in the pictures.

If you click on their icon, you will click through to their profile page where they will have pictures and videos for them.

Here are the other methods you can use to add friends:

2) Change the Phone Number

Use the mobile number change method. If you are using Android, then you will need to search for Change Phone Number which is easy to find on the app store.

From any phone or mobile to mobile number, add, move, delete phone numbers. It does work but it may take some time before you find the right option for you.

Once you get it working, you will see it in the bottom section of the screen and can enter your new phone number.

3) Add Friends on Facebook

Go to Facebook, log in and click on Edit Profile button. This option will now open. You will not see your friend’s picture, but this is what your friend thinks of you in the same frame.

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