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(No.) Do you have an iOS version of your site where you can upload video? (No.) Can you take video in-line from in-line comments? (No.) Can you create your own page? (No.) Can you have the wordpress site go to your site? (No.) Can you build custom theme? (Limited.)

In response to questions about hosting for WordPress, I wrote a few articles on this topic,

Do you know the difference between a theme and a plugin? I don’t know which I would prefer and don’t think one would be better than the other.

I don’t know the difference between a theme and a plugin. On whether you should use, and the host-based WordPress sites that WordPress supports.

We should also say a small thank-you to our friends at WPEngine. WPEngine is an amazing platform that is powering over 100% of our content, the vast majority of our site in WordPress alone!

WP Engine and WordPress make it possible for everyone, regardless of technical background or web development experience, to build great sites for online presence. As with any software, if we want good software, we need good developers. And we need developers from all different backgrounds. We want to work together, because as a community, we are better off that way.

For your information (we thought we’d mention this), WPEngine also runs the site for Overgrowth, another WordPress site that has received an award and a lot of positive feedback as of late on how they are using WordPress and related plugins. I haven’t looked at Overgrowth over the years… and I’m still wondering why I’m still wondering. It just feels like overuse to me… overuse of WordPress, which is why I really don’t give a shit about Overgrowth anymore.
How to Frame a Long Shot Like a Master Cinematographer ...

So, for a bit of perspective… WordPress is just an awesome, easy to use CMS that is often a little bit different than what you are used to. It is just a great platform!

A judge in North Carolina ruled Tuesday that a local school district discriminated toward a male student by failing to allow him to use a girls’ locker room, calling the decision a victory for gender equality.

“I would say for me, this is something that I have always been for,” Judge Carol L. Aiken said during a hearing with school officials and lawyers to review the issue. The ruling is the latest in a series of rulings and

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