Can you screen record Netflix? – Videography For Beginners

Yes, yes I can. I’ve got a 4K HDR TV, I’m capable of being able to get the quality of that, I can get the color, I can get the resolution. So I can sit in the cinema at a 4K cinema and have the HDR video quality that I’m capable of. But I’m a fan of being able to just do this on my phone, and not having to spend a fortune, spending an arm and a leg to do that. I wouldn’t buy a pair of $3,000-plus 4K TV’s just to get an 4K HD video, even if that would be cheaper. And I think that’s where you can really start to see the value in watching the 4K content in HDR. But I think there’s actually a lot of value in using the mobile web with the 4K video, which I’m sure many of you know is going to be out there, that when you’re on the internet, and when you’re listening to 4K audio, to get the same experience and the same quality that you would get with a Blu-ray player, you don’t have to wait. You can stream that very quickly to the mobile web. So I think that’s really something that’s going to be something that many of us are excited about in 2018 and beyond.
Miranda Sensorex II 35mm SLR, BLACK + 50mm f1.9 bayonet ...

The final question for Kevin was more into the future of streaming, and what Netflix and its partners will need from the media industries. While Netflix has been busy expanding into new territories with the launch of a series of original series, Kevin was quite positive about the growth. He said that the company’s current model isn’t sustainable and needs to be replaced with something new.

I think there’s going to be people who are really interested in having a subscription model. They’ve already paid for it, they’ve got a bit of access to it from their computer. That’s not for everyone in some areas, I’m sure many of you know that. I know there are some people who don’t mind paying a bit to enjoy movies and TV shows when they can also watch them on other devices, especially when they can also save that money, which is really a huge value for a lot of people.

What Kevin has just outlined are the sorts of issues that are likely going to be critical to the future value for content creators, and consumers alike. That’s good news, because with more people in households streaming streaming content on their mobile devices, it’s going to be harder for a

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