Can I Screenshot a video? – Videography For Beginners

Can I stream my event?

Unfortunately, we can’t. We will not make any decisions based off of video content uploaded to YouTube.

How do I sign up to work with us?

We will be announcing our “Sign Up” page for the event near the time it starts. Please click here!

When can I watch my event?

The registration window opening at 12:00PM on April 29th will open just as long as the event is open.

Can the schedule be changed by the public?

Yes! You can change the schedule by contacting event organizers and letting them know the details of the change. Please do not make the change until we announce a change.

What if I can’t attend the event?

No issue, but contact us prior to the event to find out if seats are available.

Can I bring my friends?

You are free to bring any group you would like to attend. We will be setting up a page of attendees below.

When does the event start?

The first of the three stages of this event will begin on Saturday night! A time on those time will be posted after it starts.

Do I need a reservation to attend the first, second, third, and fourth stages?

No. If you have reserved, you will be able to attend these stages.

If you have reserved, you will be able to attend these stages. Do I need a ticket to be able to attend?

Only a ticket is required to attend the first and third stages. No need to register for a ticket to get in the door. Tickets range in price from $10 up to $70 depending on the stage.

How can I donate to the event?

We would be so appreciative if you could donate through or our Paypal account

Is there a cash bar at the event?

No! The event will be paid for through donation. Please contact event organizers if you would like a donation jar.

Please note that there will be no “showing your ID” policy. If an adult is uncomfortable with their identification, we urge you to leave the area. If you are a security guard or public safety official that wishes to show your ID, please contact event organizers. We are not responsible for any unplanned

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