Can I Screenshot a video? – Video For Photographers

Yes, you may upload a video (or still photograph) for your YouTube account as long as it meets the following guidelines:

This includes screenshots that are of a single frame of video

The frame should be at least 1 seconds long in length.

The frame must be of clear video format with no sound.

What happens if my video does not meet the above requirements?

If you don’t meet the above criteria, there is no set time limit on your Video that may be used for the purposes of the “Unmask the Red Pill” Challenge. You may choose to submit a longer video, or make video-sharing content available for download, or share that content for other purposes.

We reserve the right to decide that the Red Pill Challenge is not a good fit for you, or that you have violated any rules imposed on the participants. A decision on these determinations will be made on an equal basis throughout the Challenge, and is final.

What happens if the YouTube channel has more than one channel listed in the “About” section?

This will not be a valid reason for disqualification. A team member can simply provide the team URL for multiple teams or channels if necessary. In the event that more than one channel is shown in the “About” section, only one channel will be considered when disqualifying a participant.

Why can’t one person vote for more than one person?

If the voter fails to click the check boxes and votes for more than one person for the same person name, the vote will become invalid and the person will not be allowed to view the video. If you need an explanation to this rule, please view the video Voting for more than one person for the same name in our Help Center . If you can’t determine if a vote is for one person or more than one person, please contact support . If you submit a vote under a number of names, all vote count goes to the lowest number for each account.

How can I contact the organizer of the Red Pill Challenge?

Questions regarding the Challenge? Please contact support .

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