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You’ve heard the saying that “life without wine is life without fun”. The truth is that there’s so much good stuff out there you actually have to experience to enjoy it. There are the wines that remind you of the good old days, from the classic reds of New Zealand to those that are modern and modern day classics, from our country’s most popular wines of the moment – Cabernet Blanc to our own Chardonnay. What’s even better are those wines that really have come back into fashion (and for some reason, can’t resist having their name sung at weddings, bar mitzvahs and school dances). And here are 10 of them – these are the ones you should be drinking again and again.

Chacrines Cabernet Rosé – If you have ever spent some quality time drinking this rosé you’ll agree that the wines need to be aged in the vineyard for two years. The wine is so delicate in flavour this is best enjoyed in just a couple of days.

Ferrari Chardonnay – For a real chalky, fruity chardonnay with a big body, this is the one that everyone knows of. The vineyard was so hot for so long they had to stop using lime. This wine is a must try because of the combination of sweet, bitter grape flavours that really works well with the spicy spice in the chardonnay.

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Fino Gewurztraminer – This sparkling red offers such a sweet, fruity and intense finish that everyone loves it. In fact, if you ask some of the experts how to get the best out of a wine such as this, they’ll tell you to drink it over ice.

Aperol Chardonnay – This is the new classic red from Aperol. Its strong and fruity aroma reminds you what it used to be like when we were kids. Aperol is a very fresh and bright red from one of the most vineyards in the USA. You can even buy this wine with or without the peel (it can be very difficult to tell). For a more mature and more full bodied wine with great notes of raisin and pine fruits, try our very own Aperol Chardonnay.

Le Petit Gueuze – This

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