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Do I need a tripod?

There are two types of camera: a SLR (single-lens reflex) and a digital camera (lens-less). Cameras from Nikon, Canon, Sony, Sony Cyber-Sonics, Sony/Leica and many other manufacturers allow you to shoot video with a lens-less camera. Cameras with zoom lenses, digital audio recording, and DSLR lenses are also great to record video with.

The camera that you’ll want to use to shoot video with is the best option available – and you don’t have to make an elaborate decision on which one to buy. All that’s needed is a wide angle and telephoto lens, a zoom lens, and some light. You’ll need that little extra, but most people will have those on their list.

Do I need to be shooting with a mirrorless camera?

No, the same capabilities of the traditional DSLR can be used with cameras such as the Samsung NX3, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III, Leica M 10-18 or Leica M 10-18 II. All those cameras were designed to be interchangeable between digital and film cameras and they work really well!

What is the difference between video and still photography?

Video and still photography are the same camera! All that separates them is the type of film it’s stored with or film format.

What should I keep in my camera bag?

A camera bag is essential for every photographer. You’ll never be able to get everything you need in you backpack. If you want to keep more than one camera on your back, you’ll want to invest in a backpack.

Why the big camera bag? It’s important because when shooting on a set you want the camera, lens and a memory card with you at all times. When doing a test shoot with your friend you don’t want to lose track of your camera so the big camera bag is a great way to carry both of them.

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Don’t forget to leave plenty of room on your back. Make sure you’ve got a good amount of room so your back isn’t cramped and if your stomach gets upset, it won’t get comfortable when you’re filming.

What lenses should I buy for my DSLR?

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