Can I record video with DSLR? – Dslr Video Production

No! Please don’t.

Can I have a video with a DSLR?

Only when it’s clear from all angles.

Can I use the zoom function of the DSLR?

Yes of course! Click here for instruction.

How big a camera is required to record a video?

For best results make sure your video is 1280 x 720 pixels and in 24 fps.

Does a DSLR have to be connected to the same computer?

Unfortunately it doesn’t, you can combine your video files and record via an external USB camera.

Does the video file contain any extra images, audio or text?

No. The full file size is 1 hour and 11 minutes.

Can I take a separate video file for a close up, another in-camera video for my interview with the subject etc.?

Yes. Click here for instruction.

Should I use a DSLR with a tripod?

It’s unlikely that the camera will be able to hold a video while you are standing in front of it. It is much more practical to use a tripod, although we recommend that you test this with your personal videos to be sure.

What is the cost to set-up?

The cost of a Canon Rebel T2i is around US$2,000 and the Rokinon 8mm f1.4 lens is around US$700.

Do I have to travel with the lens?

No! You can make video with the 8mm f1.4 in your camera bag. The Rokinon lens is included with the pre-purchase of the Rokinon 8mm f1.4 lens.

Can I get a warranty on the Rokinon 8mm?

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Yes, our Rokinon 8mm is supplied free with every Rokinon 8mm purchase.

Can Rokinon 8mm lenses work in combination with DSLRs?

No, the lens can only be used with a DSLR. You still get 12-30mm of usable aperture in an 8mm lens.

How many lenses can I take on the Rokinon 8mm?

The Rokinon 8mm can hold two 8mm lenses or a combination 8mm, Rokinon 8mm, Rokinon 10mm f1.4 lens and a Rokinon 10mm f2.8 lens.

How to use a Rokin

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