Can I record a video playing on my phone? – Video Production And Editing Training

Yes. I will record the video with Google Hangouts by selecting the “Record voice” option in the settings section of your app.

What will happen if I accidentally record a video that is not in the audio recording feature? Your video will be deleted. The audio recording feature is not meant to be used to document an event or to record a conversation. I want to remove the audio recording feature from my app. To remove the audio recording feature, you may edit the audio recording configuration file found in the Android SDK at the following location:


Delete the audio_output_config file and replace each instance of the following words with a space: video, mic, microphone or voice. If you need to retain the audio feature, keep the same configuration file that was created on your system when you installed the app.

Can I use the same audio recording feature in multiple apps? Yes. Audio recording can be supported in multiple apps. For example, you can record a video using the Audio Recording feature in one app and then switch to the Video Recording feature in another app that uses the same audio recording feature. In some cases you will be able to use the same audio recording feature both in apps that can use the audio recording feature and in other apps that can’t.

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The following chart contains all of the details for each of the new features in the latest releases of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The Fall Creators Update is currently available to the public across three regions: the US (for PCs and Mobile), the UK (for Mobile), and Australia (both PC and Mobile).

The Fall Creators Update is not a Windows 10 Insider preview build and thus does not get all of the same features as the public release builds.

We will be sharing our findings with Windows Insiders (via the Windows Insider Program or Windows Insiders), and with partners using Windows 10 to test the latest builds.

We appreciate any feedback you guys have as a result of our work, and we hope you’re enjoying the latest Fall Creators Update!

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