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If video editing is becoming a lucrative field, why wouldn’t it be?
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It’s likely no longer just an academic field, but a lucrative one where engineers, artists, filmmakers and other professionals look for work.

In June, the American Association of Video Editors reported a 22 per cent increase over 2015 in the number of jobs offered.

Some estimates suggest the industry is now worth between $4tn and $5tn – making it just as big a deal as the music industry, film industry and the technology industry together, according to the International Association of Video Editors.

There are many reasons why, but one is that video editing – a skill, not a job – is now considered in demand both in terms of skills but also in terms of money.

The problem with the video editor is not that she doesn’t speak English, writes Claire Taylor-Houck, managing director of PTC

And what do they pay her? According to the Association of Video Editors, a mid-level editor can expect to receive between $40k-$80k a year. Some studios use hourly pay rates as high as $150k, according to their website. For those with a high degree of experience working in video production, the median salary is $120k.

But it has been said to be a tough industry to get into. The Iva Foundation estimates that there are about 30 video editing jobs in the UK and about 90 in the US, of which only a small number are full-time.

While editors can’t make money until they have done multiple projects for clients, as they need to stay on the job to stay up-to-date with technology, they are paid a lump sum on completion, and will therefore not need to take a job if the job is a short-term one in a client’s portfolio or portfolio of clients are not available.

For those working on shorter contract jobs on short-term, freelance assignments and work for hire contracts, pay is still difficult to find.

However, freelance video editors have found ways to make money. Some do small projects for free, others provide work on commission to clients who come through a portfolio of projects they’ve made. Others, often those with little or no experience, pay up to £5 for work – but with the risk of losing the freelance relationship if the client decides to part with the project.

In Britain, where editing is usually a full time job, freelance work is also

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