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Basketball is a very big word, and in every country we go there’s a game called Horse, which is not a sport. So the name is just the title. I would call the sport Horse, but it is also the name of my children’s horse, and we have named it after me.

Are you afraid to lose your children to other nations?

If you have a daughter, you do not worry: you only worry whether you will not be able to find another place to live after leaving. If your son does not do well he is not so good, and you worry about him. But then he can play against a friend.

Why don’t young people like basketball?

Well, I do not get it: you are not really used to it, so why does the sport appeal to you? It comes from a time when men played with sticks and horses. And when I asked my daughters what they were doing, they said that they preferred to play with other people.

It isn’t just American parents: some children in Japan are uncomfortable with sports because it puts them in physical contact with people other than children’s playmates. And this physical contact is usually not good. I hear a variety of explanations from children about this: they say they are not interested, have bad tastes, are too embarrassed, that they never want to be so close to people.

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That is no excuse. Basketball is a lot of fun, as long as you know that it is in your own backyard, where you can play with your friends. There is a great advantage in the fact that you can play at home as well. The only downside is that people get very close: the more people you have playing basketball, the more they all become interested in you personally. I find it unpleasant. At school they say that I am the father who has a lot of fun with basketball.

What do you want to see change in Japan?

I would like to get rid of the notion that playing basketball is a job. But in the meantime I feel that if I do not do anything else, I can help the sport to change in a better way. My life would not be so different if I were a basketball coach. I would not give up on basketball because it is a sport that can help me.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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