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(I also love horses but I’m getting tired of how he is always in the background of my pictures and he seems to have a way of getting in my way in this. Not that I have no choice.)

Q. Do you have a way of knowing where your horse is at all times?

A. That depends on the horse. The more he is out galloping in the field or just taking it easy, the less he tells you where he is at all times. What I can tell you is that my horse is very, very cautious and will do anything, and often times he will run right into somebody if he thinks someone is trying to run away from him.

Q. Do you think he has special “cute” ears?
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A. No. They all have the same basic shape. That said, I do believe he has very sensitive ears which are what causes him to be so sensitive when I’m doing pictures of him. Some of my old photos show him being much more alert than others. He is always very, very alert. I had some pictures done where I was getting up close and personal (a picture of him being very close to a woman who worked there) and my horse is very close to my camera, and he comes over to me and shakes my hand. He had to be really close, and he didn’t seem to have a lot of energy to show for it. He still does, however. The only time I get close to him to take a picture, it is in his natural environment. You cannot get close to him if he isn’t around.

Q. You’ve written a book, and people are reading it. Why is the book not sold and what did it cost?

A. I did try to get the book into book stores but I haven’t gotten it published yet. As far as the price, I’m not sure where I have gotten it. There is definitely a book in the works, but it is not ready to hit store shelves. When I say it’s not ready to hit shelves, I mean ready to be sold. The book didn’t come out until September 2013. But it’s coming out in a big way! I think the book should sell like hotcakes, since so many people who read it had really good experiences with a horse during their research for the book.

Q. What would you recommend other horse owners do if they do decide to have a horse?


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