Why does my horse rear? – Bbc Horse Racing Results From Meydan

And what do I want him to do? How much does he weigh? What colour is he? Can he walk? What noise do he make? What colour is he? Do there a good many things in his mouth? Do any of them stink? But can he breathe? He must come to me; I have some water-bottles and he’ll drink. I will show him to the doctor. I want you to let him go when you see it, and he’ll be all right, at least.”

So it was thus at last that we came to the doctor, who showed us the wound, and told us what was meant by it. It was not so much a wound in my horse as in my little boy, whom I carried on my arm. After the patient had been put to bed and the doctor had given him medicine, I was summoned as usual to the doctor, and he was a very kind man, too kind to charge me with any misdemeanour, and was not even angry at a little accident. I was glad when I saw him that he was really well.

While I was talking to the doctor, he gave me so much pain that I could not hold my breath. My limbs began to ache, and I went down on my back before I could get up again. I was then quite well enough to go out again, but when I did, I found that my left arm was broken, so I left my horse and went home. I found him lying on the ground covered up with mud. The doctor, who had taken care of him, went off to get the doctor that he had been looking for, and the people around me, and when they arrived he carried my horse to the horse-dealer’s. That evening it was the custom to keep the day of the funeral, and we were not allowed to come out. No one else was allowed to see him. The people took turns being there, and every one went in at his own opportunity. I was very tired, but could not help it, so I went to bed.

This day there was a procession of the people in the market-place, and when I went in with my horse I saw that they had carried it to the house of the surgeon so he might see it. I thought that I had never seen a case so serious, and was very much afraid of his not seeing it; but I thought that it would be better for me to leave him, for he, with his

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