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It is a horse which runs for 100 miles in 10 minutes and 10 seconds. It has the longest neck of all horses and an inch and a half of the longest back. Its hair, in fact, is as fine as a hen’s. It has no more than 18 teeth per foot; and it runs through the mud and water so swiftly, that if a horse of the average weight comes out on the track in two minutes, he is in the water a minute later than the fastest horse of all time. There is no horse in existence which in two minutes can run as fast as him. The great speed at which this horse runs does not come from his size and strength, but from his size and strength and good form. The best of his races are run at high water; the others run over rough ground.

How does it breathe?

How do they walk?

What is the longest horse of all time?

Is there a horse with more teeth than one?

What color is its horsehair?

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How many wheels does he have?

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Are horse-riding lessons dangerous before the age of three?

Is it dangerous to hold the horse so you cannot turn?

Is it dangerous to ride on the water or to walk on it? Is there any other type of horse that can do both?

What does it eat?

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How many horses does he carry?

Why is the horse called the swiftest ?

What size of horse is it?

Why can it run so speedily ?

When riding on a rough track, it can run at full speed, or slow down to run at 10 miles per hour.

How to win a race?

In what race are these horses most often beaten ?

How to tell what is right from wrong ?

Why can they run so quickly?

What type of horse does these people say is fastest?

The fastest race in history was won by the horse that was the slowest horse, which was the fastest of all the horses and was the only horse named W

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