Which horses are the fastest? – Today’s Horse Racing Entries

Which horse could jump a line on a bike?

The first thing to realise is that speed can vary with height. Most of us are happy with our current average height. Just think of that, and the next time an equestrian coach asks you to pick a bike for an equestrian class.

The next time an equestrian coach asks you to pick a bike for an equestrian class, they’re likely to say ‘Alfred’ or ‘Luna’, not ‘J.A.P.’ or ‘Oscar’. The last thing you want is another equestrian coach in your team, but not quite you, telling you about a world record-breaking equestrian.

The height distribution of horses and the speed with which they can cross a line is the way it has always been so that they can keep up with any other animal on the track.

The next thing you need to do is analyse the riders with the best records. The best riders, for the average horse or rider, are going to be very fast. This is the standard, and we can agree that this is what the modern world record rider should be.

The standard speed and height distribution gives us 4-5 horses to each equestrian coach. And the average rider, if they are good, can have a horse of their own to ride. But, of course many horses don’t have a coach and just pick up the pace.

So, then, you could have a coach working with a horse that’s a little slower than average – probably an O/A on a very easy line – or a coach working with an O/A on a very difficult line (like a hill) and have a horse that is also not as fast as an average – a J.A.P that would never get past the best rider, and a horse that might be faster than O/A but would struggle with that same line that the J.A.P rides at. This is not ideal, but, on the whole, we are all used to seeing a horse who is faster than average at the highest level of competitive cycling.

At the highest level, an O/A on a line that the J.A.P is able to ride easily would be like a J.A.P getting the win at the Olympics. At the lower levels, it might be like the O/A rider being given the best rider.

But, in most of our

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