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Is she going to ride me?”

He then said: “I don’t know!”

In fact she wasn’t, according to police, but a detective decided to pursue the case in the aftermath and a search warrant was executed yesterday morning on her house.

She was found hiding underneath a rock with a black plastic bag over her head.

Police said she told them she was not wearing underwear.

(Image: Liverpool Echo)

The woman’s distraught boyfriend said she was “very sweet” as the pair got into their car to head home from a night out to their home in Hutt St.

Police released more details about the pair after her distraught family visited the family home today.

A relative of the family said it didn’t make sense that she would have taken her clothes off on a train.

Police told the family what had happened and they had been left shaken.

A neighbour said she was “pretty upset” by what had happened.

The man, who asked not to be named, said: “I couldn’t believe it. I mean it’s the end of the weekend and she was out having a night out so I’m not the only person she has gone out with.”

The man added that he had just found out about the incident when he went to check on Ms Fife today and was “surprised she had come out”.

He said: “It doesn’t make any sense. Her boyfriend is really devastated, she didn’t do anything wrong.”

(Image: Liverpool Echo)

Ms Fife, from the Mays River area, is understood to have spent two weeks holidaying in Mexico on Christmas last year.

She has two sons aged two and seven and a sister aged four.

She has been living together with the 23-year-old man in her home town of Wansbeck, County Durham, since March and he visited her from his home at Wansbeck on Monday evening.

Detective Inspector Gary Watson said: “It’s very rare that someone would come into police contact during their holiday as she was on her way home.

“It makes you think she went on a day out with the man before she came in. That made it even more mysterious.
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“Her son was shocked by what happened today. We are doing every aspect of our enquiries to trace her in terms of her identity.”

Mr Watson added: “She

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