What is the biggest horse race in America? – Horse Race Tracks In Los Angeles Area

It’s between the two big dogs, the Republicans and, more than anything else, Donald Trump. And it’s not only a contest between Trump and Clinton, it’s also a contest between the two big dogs of 2016 – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton’s name has been associated with scandal as a senator and as secretary of state. She has had two scandals that will have consequences in the last election on her record that, if successful, her opponents would surely try to exploit and destroy, at great personal cost to themselves and to their own political futures. And now Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton has faced many investigations over the years. She has been subpoenaed to testify by many different committees on various subjects. She has also faced questions by both congressional committees. In those committees, she had to answer many questions about: Who is her campaign manager? (Her husband, former President Bill Clinton) Who hired and paid for her, and how much is that? Why did she do such terrible things for so long? And so many others.

Donald Trump did not have to answer those questions until he came in second in the polls, or even third, by the second or third week of April. What is the main reason why they have been so tough on him?

He is a bully, he is a braggart and he is a showman. He is willing to do anything to get attention.

He is an unconventional politician and this makes it easy for people to look at him and think, “He’s crazy.” He is not what the establishment thinks he should be.

But I think that Donald Trump is actually someone who should be listened to even more than Clinton. Trump seems honest. He says what he means and means what he says. Clinton says what she wants to do – but always changes her mind or backtracks or doesn’t say the right thing at the right moment.

The media love to say – but it is actually true for Trump. He tells it how he sees it and what he means it. He is honest and his promises are clear.

If Hillary Clinton wants to look honest, her main problem right now is that he will remind everybody who she really is. He could be the first major presidential candidate in history in the modern era who can actually explain why he voted for what he did and how his administration worked.

In this era of political correctness, this is what people tend to pay a lot of attention to. That is

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