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For me, going into the day, it was definitely going to go the direction of a more high-end, high-performance car, so if we were in a place where we could really compete against some of the larger teams I guess I’d be thinking about that, but I think we could do a number of different things and you could make a very compelling case that, if we did a lot of development of our internal car, which I think is always important with a team like ours, that our drivers would have a chance more often to push to the limit because we’re going to be going a bit slower than others with the way that we drive,” said Schumacher.

Although Schumacher is not the first German driver to win the Drivers’ Championship on a Formula One budget – the champion from 1988 to 1998, Jacques Villeneuve, was also driven to the title in the latter years of his career – Schumacher’s victory in the inaugural edition of the championship is the first time he has won the drivers’ title on a Formula One budget. His win will certainly be remembered not only by the team that sponsored his championship-winning Mercedes-Benz AMG-Schumi for the last ten years, but by many of Ferrari’s fans in particular, who will be celebrating the Italian team’s first title since 1993.

“I think that when the first two guys came to me with similar ideas about having a budget in our car, we did two separate things first, and I believe that we got something really big out of it, and it makes a very big leap forward compared to even our previous success,” said Schumacher.

“It’s an awesome thing and a big achievement and now we just have to be really serious and really serious again. When I first got involved with F1 I was not really in the market for an F1 programme. I just wanted to win this championship and I went to F1 in an attempt to win it. But then I realized that a lot of money could be put into a project that allowed me to achieve the same and this is an opportunity now I cannot turn down.

Now we can finally concentrate all our energy and focus on doing our very best in order to fight for the title every week because now our programme is completely different,” said Schumacher.

Ferrari will enter into a number of new areas of research and development, among them aerodynamics and performance. As an example, Ferrari’s design chief, En

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