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In short: the only way to win.

It can be as simple as a guy putting on a horse, jumping up, and hitting the horse as him as it’s galloping up the track. Or it can get pretty far along the track before getting hit. The two teams then jump and roll until one team’s horse gets caught.

There’s also a horse-truck challenge, or horse-motorcycle race, where teams don’t jump or ride, but just race their car to the finish line.

Who has won the most horse challenged races?

The Houston Rockets won the title in 1996, 1999 and 2001—twice.

NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers in 2013, and Miami Heat last year

Who has won a race in an NBA arena?

It’s a challenge made infamous by Shaquille O’Neal. In November 2004 he took some “horses” to Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center, to see how fast they could reach each other in a 5-kilometer race.

But no one saw how fast the horses could run until Shaq, who rode a horse, was actually on his feet and moving at the finish.

Does a horse challenge really change games?

Maybe just a little.

“It’s the only game they can take out of it,” says Michael Jordan, of the L.A. Clippers after they swept the San Antonio Spurs in 2007. “I think any game you can be sure those guys [the Bulls and Pistons] don’t have a team from the city they’ve been playing against. So then that adds to our game. You’ve kind of put three teams in the same place the last 2-3 weeks.”

“I’m not trying to sound like a hater, so I’m really proud. But I don’t think it’s been helpful,” adds Jordan.

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So why would a city do that?

They have one of our most loyal fans. People in Chicago and Cleveland are still not sure what LeBron has been up to since winning the title in 2012, even though he has been around the league for 20 years and won seven championships. Cleveland is still the home of Kevin Love, and Chicago is where the Bulls have always made good. Even though LeBron just won his sixth straight Finals in Miami, he hasn’t won a game in an arena in an entire year since.

But this is basketball, so the fan is going to want to see

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