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An estimated 70,000 people have signed an online petition calling for the removal of a plaque in Edmonton, Alberta, recognizing Indigenous people as Canadians. The signatories include the family of missing and murdered aboriginal woman Tina Fontaine. A petition on change.org (click on the “More news” tab for an article) has been circulating for over 60 days, including a petition circulated by the anti-pipeline group First Nations Lives Matter.

While no formal response was issued by city council, this is the second major city that has banned and defaced First Nations plaques. It has been reported that Montreal is now taking a similar approach, as was the scene last year when a New Brunswick plaque honoring Native Americans was damaged in response to the Keystone XL pipeline.

The plaque commemorates an 1877 speech in which Chief Redman, a Cree leader from eastern Quebec, said that his people would never be assimilated and “must remain as distinct as the sands of time,” which is how many of the signatories see themselves.

However, the plaque was placed in a public park because other First Nations leaders were unwilling to put up their own plaques or names. According to the CBC:

This isn’t the first time a plaque on what is normally a public square has been vandalized. In 2001, there was a plaque set up in honouring former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, with images of the Prime Minister’s wife, Lady Laureen, with “First Nations” written on it.

As Canada’s First Nations communities continue to fight with Indigenous people for rights and recognition, it’s important that public spaces aren’t used to advance or encourage discriminatory sentiments. It’s also encouraging that many signatories are from different First Nations. This suggests that a united front has been organized among Indigenous people.

In Alberta (as in other provinces), these plaques have become magnets for vandalism. The New Brunswick example involved vandalism at a plaque at the corner of Bathurst and George Street in Fredericton, which reads: “It will no longer be possible for

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