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If you are unsure about what ‘heavy ground’ is you can refer to the definition of ‘heavy road’. This definition is as follows: “a heavy-duty pavement, pavement or road that is used for travel”.

When you are unsure what type of pavement you are on, follow the advice of a Roads and Maritime Authority (RMA) road safety counsellor. In addition, you can look up what the RMA terms “wet and dry road”.

The following advice on how to get around the M7 when wet and dry is from the RMA website:

On wet and dry roads where there’s not enough road surface, the vehicle will be on a very narrow gauge gravel road.

When wet, a vehicle has a much reduced visibility, as there may be no or very little road surface.

On wet, damped and muddy roads, the vehicle may have a hard time travelling on the surface as it is difficult to push the vehicle along in a dry or wet place.

The speed limit is not as high as on dry roads and is often the slower rate of a road

There may be intermittent breakdown conditions on wet and dry roads.

Speed and Direction

Many drivers travel through the M7’s lanes using the right hand lane. Some drivers even make the right hand lane their ‘go-to’ lane on wet and dry roads. While this can work well on average weather conditions, it is not recommended for those travelling on the M7. While the M7 stretches across many roads for an average of 5.4 miles, the maximum speed for the road in each direction is between 80km/h and 110km/h

Speed limits are in effect from 25km/h and above on some sections and from 60km/h and above on others. The limit in each direction is enforced by the Traffic Management Unit (TMI) and local police.

Many drivers use a lane, such as a right of way, for the duration of the journey. This is a ‘no go’ area for cyclists. When a slow vehicle is overtaking a slower vehicle on the shoulder, speed is reduced to the maximum posted speed limit. In most cases, speeds of less than 40km per hour (26 mph) are only enforced on areas where the lanes become saturated.

Speed of the vehicle is critical to safety as you may be surprised, or forced to slow down when overtaking a slower vehicle. Some drivers use

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