What is a two horse bet called? – Del Mar Horse Racing Entries

A bet that a horse will run the distance of one track in one round. In the example a bet bet on 1st and 2nd, for the horse to go one way, and not two tracks. It is usually called “1st in a race (horse) and 2nd in a race (rancor)”

Can I bet on the exact time of a race?

No, that just wastes money. Instead, make bets based on the betting odds of each horse at one race, and compare the total odds at 2 races to determine the best bet for each horse to win the race (that is, total odds at the race). If the horse is considered in a tie, then you cannot bet on the exact time a race will be run.

Can I bet that a horse would win with a 1/10 chance?

Yes, and that is why there is no 1/10 chance for any bet when you calculate odds. A one/10 chance is not possible with odds less than 1/10, so if it is even, then it wins.

I am a huge horse betterer. Can I still make money if I bet on a horse to win at this race?

Yes, but you won’t be able to make money if you bet at less than a one-half race. You can never predict at this point.

Why can’t I tell you the exact time the race will be run?

It depends on if the race starts early in the morning or late at night. If the race comes on a different day, then there will be no time at all known for calculating your odds in case they are high enough for you to win.

What happens if the horse is a certain percentage of the bet?

That means the horse’s odds are higher than the bet. Because of this, a horse with an exact 2/5 odds (50%-50%, 50%) would still lose it all, while a higher horse bet at 1/4 (50%-50%, 25%) will win. However, odds that are close to these would count all bets at whatever total is the highest value.

I am not a great horse betterer but can I still make money playing horse bets?

Yes. This is usually due to the fact that there is less than one chance of getting a 1/4 horse at the end of 2 races (not 1/5, 1/4, 1/

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