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A patent is a “sole legal document issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office to describe an invention or system of inventions in a particular form or method”, and is the source of patents.

So now we can see the obvious connection between the two, and the connection to this patent is obvious if you look at the patent itself:

First, the title (patent) appears right there; secondly, the reference to “The US Patent Office” is immediately in front of that title, and then we have a citation line, this is, of course, the main thing that we are looking for. So if I were to draw a circle (or any other rectangular shape) over the title, there’s no doubt that the circle will point to the patent in question.

But this patent is not the one on which Apple’s patents depend. This is an application for a software-based search engine named “Searchable Search”, and it is a completely different patent. A Patent Office application does not contain any references to “the US Patent & Trademark Office”. So it is quite likely to be an attempt to deceive someone.

So how does this relate to the Apple patents?

An attempt to deceive

By saying that it is a patent – this is a lie

Not referring to anything the US Patent & Trademark Office

The patent is a copy of another application, and thus the references

If they can do it with such an obvious thing as the first line, then they can do it with the second

There is nothing to be done about it.

The most obvious thing about this is how it demonstrates Apple’s attempts to deceive others through their apparent desire to avoid having their patents cited, and how that works. This is what is meant by “by doing the patent the Apple way it can avoid any consequences”.

For example, if Google were to apply for a patent for the software that runs on the iPhone, and the US Patent & Trademark Office refused to register it on the patent database, because it would be misleading they would be able to dismiss their application from the database, and Google would be happy to use “Searchable Search” for their own technology. And they could even do this in a way in which Google isn’t a member of the patent application databases, because it can just do this to itself – simply because others have filed applications and the patent database is too full for Google to be listed first, or second, or

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