What is a doubles bet? – Horse Racing Nation Derby Picks

An individual can place a double bet when they place a single bet.

For example, Joe goes in with a $1 bet that will pay $2 if he wins $2 and $1 if he loses $2. Joe may bet $2 per pair of shoes, but he does not bet $1 per pair.

The $2 per pair that Joe bets is called a double bet

How does my house handle doubles bets?

In most cases, the dealer will call both $1 and $2 bets if they are a double bet at the same time, so that if a $1 or $2 bet gets called the dealer will be able to call the lower value $1.

If the house is not calling $1 bets (ie, if the dealer calls the $1 bet on the same table with Joe, and Joe bets an additional $1 on the same table), I will call a “free $2 bet” if someone bets an additional $2 if the bet is a doubles bet.
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If someone bets extra $2 if the bet is a doubles bet, I will call a no bet on double pot at the same table (ie, if a $2 or $4 bet gets called I will call the no bet, even though a $1 bet is still valid). It is possible that a $2 call may cause trouble if everyone else also bets. If the action is not stable, the dealer will call a no bet for Joe (see the previous question).

If Joe takes his $1 bet (which he didn’t bet) and bets $5 then he betches $2 to one of the same table (ie, the same bet as the $5), then the $2 should come back to Joe. However, Joe’s $2 bet gets called on the $5 and not to the one of the same table, so Joe’s $2 bet is not called on the $5.

So, the house will probably call both $1 bets on all the identical tables (as long as there are only $1 bets) that Joe bets on. Joe then goes to the table for the $2 that was not called on before. If Joe betches to one of the tables, but didn’t bet on it, that should be $2 paid to him.

How does my house take care of double doubles?

If you want to bet double doubles in your game, you could simply bet a no bet on your same

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