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By John Quigley

There’s a common problem with the mainstream media. Their main stream media organizations are generally incapable of challenging the official talking points and policies of America’s corporate masters in Washington D.C.

I’ve mentioned before I find the mainstream media’s constant misrepresentation of global warming an embarrassment to the entire corporate media. They’ve consistently made sure to avoid the inconvenient truth, for many reasons. There’s just not a lot of room left in an increasingly crowded market for the old cliches, propaganda and lies. The old lies are being exposed at a far faster pace by media members who are fighting to provide real news. They also have an uphill battle in convincing the corporate media that they even exist, especially since they don’t seem to enjoy their job very much. The mainstream media just won’t change, and most of their viewers seem to have very little interest in the stuff they’re supposed to be reporting on.

The only people who can make the corporate media pay attention to this sort of news might be the people who are actually taking the news in the first place. It’s only in such a way that the general public might get to see the real news, or even get even the basic facts if the corporate media can’t be bothered to go about its business of telling the masses exactly what it thinks.

Last week, one of those people was the most influential, the most trusted and the most highly placed in the corporate media. That’s the person who will most frequently be calling the shots within a few short months and will decide what we’ll actually hear and see here on Climate Change. That’s the person who makes the important decisions regarding how we spend the billions that are made available to us every year.

Here’s a man who will make that decision on this one matter, even if just by a slim margin. That’s why it has to be taken very seriously. He’s the man behind this whole global warming nonsense and he has to be

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