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If you’re a real horse owner, this question has nothing to do with you. But if you’re an observer, you should ask yourself this question. And not for just any day of the week, but for any day of the year when the horse seems like this week’s favorite. But for all the days when it seems like this week’s favorite when you see him at his best.

Karen and Steve: a tale of a former love triangle

In this episode of The Hairy Bikers Podcast, Karen and Steve talk about Karen and Steve’s years of dating.

We also cover a bunch of other fascinating stories on the show, like: why you’ve never heard of The Girl Who Laughed (if all girls have one; if you know all girls; if you have a vagina; and if you’re a fan of the sitcom Parks and Recreation) or maybe a little of the history of the K-12 school district (because the kids have to go to the bathroom and they need it; and so on – all the details below).

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The FBI is reviewing evidence surrounding the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the day after the unarmed 18-year-old was shot in the head. The agency has not revealed details about its involvement yet but one thing is clear: the shooting was not accidental.

Michael Brown was shot dead on Aug. 9 by a police officer, Officer Darren Wilson, after he reached for an officer’s gun (which was not his). A total of seven shots were fired from the police vehicle, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. The newspaper added that the shots “appeared to occur before the incident” — meaning that the shooting was intentional.


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