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For weight, you need to first consider your horse’s age. An older horse may be at least half the weight of a younger horse and at most five to seven times the weight.

How is weight measured as weight for age? You may be thinking this sounds like a simple calculation, but there is some nuance here.
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Weight for age is measured in kg. There is no “normal” size that horses can reach to reach a certain weight, and even then, horses at different sizes have different “normal” values.

If you want to know how much weight your horse can grow by, you know first that you need two pieces of information: “age” and body weight.

For body weight, we measure your horse by how much weight it gained when you placed it on its back. Since an older horse is less likely to gain weight than a younger horse, you can think of that as “age”. In general, a horse that is 2 to 3 times his/her starting bodyweight should grow to about 30% of its starting bodyweight. Horses that weigh about 40% or more of their starting weight should grow to 70% of their starting weight.

The chart below gives an example of body weight for ages that are easy to understand:

Age Bodyweight

(lbs) Age 5 -7 21 14 2 – 6 17 14 3 – 7 22 15 4 – 8 23 16 5 – 9 24 17 6 – 10 25 18 7 – 11 26 19 8 – 12 27 20 9 – 13 28 21 10 – 14 29 22 11 – 15 30 23 12 – 16 31 24

Let’s say your horse weighs 170 lbs. This equates to about 10% of his starting weight (that’s about 2 1/2 to 3 times his body weight at age 5). How many inches are there from the top of his tail to the point where he has a leg and a half?

Height is measured from the tip of the mane (the tip of the tail) to the end of the horse’s head and neck, with a ruler at the waist. If your horse is over 2 to 2 1/2 inches over that line, his height is about 2 inches. There’s no exact scale, not the measurement of the length of your head, but a good guideline is to think of your head as about 12 inches in height (with a ruler a third of an inch off the top); so your horse’s height should be 13 to 16 inches around at

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