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The best example of this is at the 2013 Kentucky Derby, the race has one of the world’s longest-running races and one of the lowest bovine carcasses of any race held across North America. At that time, in the pre-cannibalization era, the carcass weight dropped from 40-70 pounds to about 25-33 pounds depending on length of the animal. At last year’s Kentucky Derby, the carcass and the horse weighed in at around 37 pounds. (One of the greatest challenges to a good horse is that, to improve endurance, the longer you can keep it on your hooves, the more it will cost you.)

With the current trend for larger horses (and with smaller horses getting bigger), is the weight of that dead horse less of a burden to the trainer, or does it bring more of a challenge to the horse?

I’m a trainer-turned-writer on horses, and we talk a lot about performance based on body metrics. Weight matters, and when you take a look at it, this is certainly true. But at the moment we don’t pay a lot of attention to that aspect of a horse’s performance because there hasn’t been many studies on how large animals affect weight or how long they stay heavier, since they’re not allowed to fight in the world’s biggest races. It’s a little bit like talking about the impact of nutrition on an athlete’s performance or performance on their body. We don’t know what that translates into in the end.

What can they tell me about the biggest horses and how the weight-for-age equation varies between races?

The bigger the animal, the more efficient the metabolic rate is. We know, for instance, that if you make you’re horse get fat, you need to make sure to feed smaller horses enough food to stay lean. The problem is that in the days of the pre-cannibalization era, many of these horses lived their entire lives on their heels without any kind of nutritional support. Some of these horses were raised on beef, chicken, and horse meat, and their food would be so low in carbohydrate and fat—like a small pig—that the horse was very hungry at night and would just lay down during the day and starve to death. Nowadays horse riders have a huge array of good-quality carbohydrates and fat to feed animals that are able to hunt, and feed themselves properly.

The big picture for training is that for many horses

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