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It has nothing to do with you. Your body will take 10-20 minutes to be happy about it so it could be the number of times you are awake on a given day. It is also one of my favorite ways to practice mindfulness, and since it lasts so long I sometimes do it in the shower.

How to do nap of the day?

Find a place where you can sit for 90 minutes. (Don’t worry, the only rule here is “you have to be able to sit”). If there is no floor, lie on a mattress or cushion, and do NOT turn on any electronics. Make yourself comfortable and relax.

I love getting to bed early, usually no earlier than ten in the morning. I don’t care how tired you are or how little sleep you’ve got (I never get “too little,” anyway!) – I just want to sit for 15 minutes and think of nothing else and then get up. You need to do this in between two things, so if you have to wake up for school or work, that’s fine. Just do it while you sit. That’s it.

It will also help you sleep if you have a friend with you, or if you have coffee with your friends. You can sleep all day long without a break. And that’s why mornings are so important.

Nap of the Day Tips

1) Wake up when the alarm rings the first time.

2) Set your alarm for no later than 10:30 or 11 o’clock. Your body knows that you are in the morning.

3) Eat food and drink water while you are asleep. It will help you get into the habit of sleeping.

4) Wake up early when you get up. This is a habit that will make sleeping easier in the future.

5) After a nap, sit in bed and meditate.

When did you first think that nap of the day could be a good thing to do? How do you do it?

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