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It just means that whenever the body is busy performing a physical process that takes longer than one hour it stops having to burn energy when the body’s work is complete. The body’s work consists of various different things. These work also take time. That’s when the brain gets a chance to recover after stopping the sleep cycle. It’s also when the body restructure itself from the sleep cycle into something that will help us in our physical work when the restructure is complete. It is this restructure that makes our body feel better and helps us stay alert and motivated after the sleep cycle is over.

When the Brain is Busy

It is not at all uncommon to experience drowsiness after finishing a strenuous physical activity and feeling extremely tired afterward. It will usually happen after going to bed, when we are still groggy after an intense workout. There will also be a feeling of drowsiness which occurs at the same time after you have passed that big milestone you made on your personal challenge and have a big achievement to mark.

What does nap of the day mean?

There’s a lot of literature out there on nap of the day or nap in general to help us understand what it means in a practical sense. So I’ll just briefly explain it. Basically, it just means that whenever the body has a restructure, the brain feels well rested after having stopped its night work and has been sitting up by itself for some time. It is called napping.

The other important thing to remember is that the nap will not make your eyes work better, they’ll only slightly work a little and your brain will not use as much energy.

When it Makes You Stronger

In addition to helping you sleep better, it’s also important to feel good after a nap in one way or another. Research shows that sleeping and waking up are crucial for the body. Sleep deprivation can have a negative effect on our health which can be aggravated by a nap. Sleeping and learning helps us be more alert and focused since we’re aware of our surroundings. In addition sleep enhances our immune system since we’re able to process more information. Learning also helps us build brain power, increase memory capacity and our general cognitive ability.

So whether you are in the gym, in a racing car, working on a business project or just getting better at life, sleep is essential. It’s about becoming aware of yourself at the point in time where you can actually benefit as a whole or just one part

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