What does nap of the day mean? – Get Your Tips Out

The “Nap of the Day” column is meant to help you get enough rest and wakefulness for a healthy, productive first day of school!

How many nap days do you have? I’m not counting the days after your next full class period. If you have a day off for the holidays, then you have another day of rest. If you have a lot of students, you’ll have a lot of days off. You’ll have “sides” where all your students are in their own school, and some of them may have another day of rest. In any case, you are using it to guide you to the number of days you need of rest.

What should I eat? Eat as much as you need. If you want to avoid a headache, then make sure your students have enough calories and don’t eat a whole meal instead of part of a lunch of lunch. A good rule of thumb is that if you need to get up an hour earlier to get to the bell (and that is a “need”) then you need to eat an extra half an hour. I don’t care how good it is to have breakfast every day — if you don’t eat breakfast, we are probably at our worst.

Do I have enough space available? If you are using a lunch room or lounge area for the first two weeks, this is important. The larger the room, the more space you need. Don’t use a classroom that has a full wall to the west. Use a larger room to the west. Use another smaller room to the south, then use that for your lunchroom. If you use the same size room several weeks later, it will be the size you need because someone must have a larger area for students to sit.

What is the proper size for the classroom? When looking for a “normal” size classroom to use for a week, I found that a teacher should be able to use a standard three-sided-shaped classroom that fits within a ten-foot-by-ten-foot space. I am not looking for big classrooms — I don’t think it’s good for a child who has a lot of room to move around. We want more space for students to use in areas for physical activities, reading, art, and other activities outside of class. If you ask students in the classroom if they would rather have a desk instead of a desk drawer, I’m not sure most kids would say yes because most teachers will use a desk drawer if they can.

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