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“Well, in the traditional way, it means to have two different rules, both of which, when they are run properly, will produce a fair race,” said Bill Titts, the course superintendent with the Stony Creek Raceway. “In some of the modern times, it means to penalize a horse for having not used the full allowance, which was one quarter of an eighth, instead of one-sixteenth. It means to race the horse faster, for a given amount of time, than others of that kind.”

How would these rules change if the rules were set by the horse races themselves?

Titts has his own reasons. If there are no rules set by the horse races themselves, he said, a horse can never tell the crowd or other horse owners how he got off track.

“If there was no rules, how would you know if a race was bad?” he said.

How would the rules set by horse races affect racing conditions in other races, such as open-water races?

“Any change from the traditional rule set will affect an open-water race,” Titts said, and may actually make the event worse.

Where would those changes be made?

The commission is working on those and other rules but hopes to make a rule change as soon as it can, Titts said.

“I don’t want to get ahead of anybody,” he said. “But I hope it does get to a consensus and we can make a rule change as early as next week.”

If the change does come, what would you do with it?

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You know what they say about people not getting what they want. At the moment, nobody has any idea if the change might be good or not right.

“We are still working that out,” Titts said. “It could go either way.”

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