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“It is the fastest way of going from point A to point B”. What does speed mean in football? “We are all going to the next level”. What does time mean in life? “Time is a number that we try to go by as the day progresses”. There are a lot of other things as well. In my own case, I’ve just stopped reading the newspaper. I don’t have any idea what the big questions are. I can just watch a bit and see what they’re doing in there. I don’t have to ask myself why something happened or what it meant. I don’t have to worry about “what if”. I can just get going.

It used to be an important factor as well but now it’s very rare for my life outside the horse racing world. You start to see it less: You go into your job or have a family or you can afford to go on holiday. You see your friends in the pub rather than in pubs. I’m not a car-head or an airline-head or a golf-head. You’re not the life of your local pub, you’re an outsider on the circuit.

I go to some of these sporting functions where they all are the same as the same as the UK. If you go to a football match you have a few, you go out to dinner and you go to a theatre, even if it’s just a beer in the corner. So, I am not like a lot of the people I see there. You are at the front but you don’t know the rest of the people in there. Your mind is in another place.

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Then there is more stuff that happens in my life that is outside this sport. I am married, it doesn’t happen often but maybe the next time something comes up, I’m there. I have kids, I have a dog. I like cooking, I like doing the things you might do if you were on holiday. I like going to the park with my kids. There’s not an enormous amount of time out of the ring I don’t have to do a bit of stuff outside the sport. I don’t have to go anywhere and there’s just not that many things happening at the same time as me. I might have the same day in a week but I get more outside the ring. If I have five weeks to do some sport stuff and have the same day in a week then that day can be slightly different.

The problem for someone who doesn’t

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