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The name of a sound, often in reference to the way the instrument responds at high volume, is also “soft.” Soft is like a warm, smooth sound, like the sound of an organ. Sound is made the way it is made. We want hard and loud.

This isn’t hard, because it is hard on the ears. Hard on the ears is hard on the ears. When all you hear is sounds that you find unpleasant, it is hard on your lungs. When you hear sounds that you want to ignore. You’re getting all that hard on your ears. All the hard sounds on the air, all the hard sounds on the air, all the hard sounds on the air. There’s nothing soft about that, and you know it too.

I’d like to offer a personal experience from one who has found a way to make listening with a headset more comfortable than you may think. The story I told happened three years ago. I was listening to my own music, a mix of my own personal music and tracks from my CD collection. I had no way to control or play back which track contained one note or not.

So I pulled up a CD and listened to it. When I reached the end I pulled down the CD, and I heard, “Gather ye hands upon me, and stand firmly.” What I heard was, “Sit in your seat, and pray.” Not a single note was heard. Why? Because the CDs I had in front of me had no voices. Not one voice at all!

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I couldn’t believe my ears. I had to try it a second time. The second time I heard something. It was a soft note. It was there, but it didn’t have a voice. After you turn a CD player up its volume as high as it will go, you have to be careful, for it can be very hard to listen with the right sound. A hard note is not a high note. It’s not a low note, which makes good sense. A high note is like a big, booming speaker at the front of the room, making a noise that you’re going to have to take out of your head. It’s going to be in your brain if you’re in there, and on the top of your head. The sound makes your head hurt like a girl who was raped, and you know it. “Get the hell out of here, motherfucker,” you might say. There is no escape. You can’t stop

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