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A soft track is one that’s been compressed, for the main reason of removing the hard, gritty edges of sound. This usually results in a higher quality sound.

A soft track is used in many cases (especially in low bit rate video) where compressed, high quality sound is not really desirable or practical.

However, it is also used when there’s also an additional cost to be saved by using a soft track.

This can include more expensive digital effects and tools which add more weight to the sound. (The following table compares low and high bit rate video codecs and soft tracks. If this doesn’t make sense, please refer to this article where you will see a complete listing of all audio codecs, with their respective soft tracks)

Example – Low bit rate video (16:9) soft track: 1:12:12 8k x 16:9 high bit rate video (5:4) soft track: 1:16:3 High bit rate video (6:4) soft track: 1:24:2
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Please note: While compression is a very real effect that can change the level of an audio file, it’s not normally the main reason that audio is compressed.

If a track is being cut by a compressor then it’s mostly because it’s being used to add weight to the sound.

Many popular audio codecs can add very weighty, heavy sounds to your audio file.

For example, Adobe Lossless audio codecs can add a lot of extra weight to your image files. It’s why you should check out their web site, “How to Save Money with Lossless Audio Codecs”.

The bottom line: Even if you don’t like to use compression for audio, it’s still a useful thing to know about and to know about well in advance. You don’t need to understand all the intricacies of the format (although you should do that if you want to get more out of your video).

You just need a basic knowledge to make the best use of what’s there and learn to use it more intelligently.

Do you have any soft tracks you would like to share with our community? Share them in the comments section so everyone can get a good feel for it.

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