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Hard work. We are a fulltime team so we will only be able to create and run a single track.

What happens if I am not able to fund the project on Kickstarter? We hope to cover all costs through pledges from backers so that other people can help us make this project a reality.

Can I contribute more than one time? We don’t know yet, but we do not want to lock in any one track like an old style record label. If you would like to pitch in more than once please email info@chordsandmusic.com with an accurate credit for the additional contributions (e.g. $1 instead of $1,000).

Who are the composer and DJ’s behind the game!? We have three artists behind the game who are making this possible.

The first is Michael Shaffer who played lead guitar on a song we released on the album ‘Havok in the Stars’. We’ve been friends for over 8 years now but this is the first time we’ve collaborated.

The second is Jason Heidik who has been in the studio working on the music, and is also a composer and DJ who is a big fan of the genre ‘folk rock’.

The third is Mikey Sadek who is a composer for games of all kinds and is currently composing our video for the game.

What’s the game about? Chords is a genre-blending puzzle adventure game that blends elements of puzzle platformer, arcade platformer, strategy, platformer, and RPG. You’ll be taking on the role of the hero of a band of friends in search of some keys that are needed to unlock a secret vault. Your character is in search for their favorite song, an album.

Do I have to start with the game and then play the entire game? No! You can get in and out of Chords and continue playing the game through different scenarios. Just follow the path of the quests you have completed, pick up your favorite song, explore, kill enemies, go through dungeons, collect orbs, etc..

What is the story and what are we trying to accomplish? Our world contains some major landmarks in this game — some very strange and mysterious, some fairly ordinary, and some familiar. The music has been inspired by many classic and obscure music videos, and the story is a mixture of history and mythology that can be found in many mythological sources. The gameplay is based on a mixture of RPG and a platform

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