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According to this question, the answers go like this, “the court is divided into five zones” (3-7,8-11,12-15,20-22). The other three zones are defined as: center (3 or more players), wing (two or more players), post (two or more players). For further info on the rules of basketball, refer to the rules . If you follow that rule you must choose one player from each zone who is a player. If you pick only one player from each zone, this means all of the players from the team must be of the same color, or if you’re on a team that doesn’t care, that means you must have no players from the same color. In the end, this is called a two-player league (or a two point shooting league). The first team to score twenty points wins!

As it’s not really basketball in any more real way, I’ll stick with the “dividing zones” example – but what about a two-player league with six players assigned to each zone? This is actually very simple. In this two-player league, you use your roster to select who you want to keep. (You can assign one player to each zone to avoid confusion). So far, so good. The team with the most points after three quarters is the winner.

The only difference is that in the two-player league, the two-point shooting team takes three shots at the other team’s goal. For an example based on basketball with a two point shooting team, refer to this example from the NBA 2k18 video game.

The two-point shooting zone

So why does the rule of 2 in basketball exist? For every basket, there is supposed to be one possession during the game, where the ball passes from one player to the other and then is returned to the basket. For example, imagine that there’s only a point guard (with a point) and a point forward (with a one), both of the ball. If neither of them touch the ball, as the ball goes into the basket to keep pace with their teammates, the ball is supposed to go out the basket towards the baseline and back back towards the two ball handlers. (If the two-headed scorer misses a shot, the rebound to the same team is assumed.)

The second rule of 2 in basketball is that if the ball has already passed from one player to the other, the other one has to pass back to

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