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The rules for the NCAA tournament are fairly self-explanatory. There are four regions, four teams (at least one per region), and nine rounds. The four regions are: American, Conference USA, Mid-American, Northwest, and American Southwest (the region where the tournament happens). The teams play nine games in each region (9 conference games is what we have decided to have for the event).

Each team’s top player also receives the team’s top seed. The top seed takes the No. 2 seed. The No. 3 seed is given to the second-seeded team. The No. 4 seeds go to the No. 7 seeds and the No. 8 seed goes to the No. 9 seeds.

Teams from the American west (Oregon, Caltech, and Cal Poly) are seeded 11th, 12th, and 13th, respectively. Teams from the Southwestern region, which includes Kansas State, Kansas, and Iowa State, are seeded 11th, 13th, and 14th, respectively. Teams from other regions are seeded from 16th to 36th, with teams from the Midwest being from 36th all the way until No. 24:

No. 24 — No. 19 Kansas State, No. 23 Kansas, No. 28 Arkansas, No. 35 Oklahoma, No. 37 Michigan, No. 42 Iowa, No. 45 Kansas, No. 49 Kansas State, and No. 61 North Carolina

No. 12 — No. 31 TCU, No. 42 Baylor, No. 44 Colorado State, No. 42 Baylor, No. 43 Iowa State, No. 50 Texas A&M, No. 41 Texas, and No. 45 Texas Tech

No. 3 — No. 40 Oklahoma, No. 41 Auburn, No. 49 LSU, No. 39 Arkansas, No. 43 UCLA, No. 44 Duke, and No. 36 Georgia Tech

No. 22 — No. 41 Kansas State, No. 42 Kansas, No. 33 Georgia, and No. 24 South Carolina

What is the tournament format?

Each team plays eight games on Friday. The first team with a winning record is the winner of the round-robin in which they have been seeded. There will be two rounds, round robin play. All the teams playing in the finals should be seeded within the top 16 in the country.

What is the tournament tournament format?

The first round will be a round of 16. The

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