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Horse racing in New Zealand is regulated by The New Zealand Sports Council (NZSC), a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1948.

The primary purpose of the NZSC is to regulate the conduct of horse races, in particular, the use of horses in competitions.

The NZSC has different roles in all of its national horse racing territories around the country.

What are the rules for horse racing in New Zealand?

The main principles that govern horse racing in New Zealand are set out in regulations governing races held in the following areas:

Horse race tracks

Competition venues

The country’s most famous venue is in Whangarei, a suburb south of Auckland, where the racehorse race can be won.

The main rules governing all horse races in New Zealand are:

All horses must be owned by the same person

Horses are owned and brought into New Zealand by racehorses and owners

No more than four racehorses may share a barn

There are no exceptions to this rule

Horse racing is conducted at licensed race tracks

New Zealand’s most iconic racecourse is in Whangarei, which can be located within a 10 – 15 minute drive from Auckland.

How do spectators access horse racing?

For those attending races, they are often able to see horses run.

Horse running fans do not find it necessary to pay the fees to watch racing. They just sit, enjoy the sights and sounds of the horses on their own time.

The majority of horses come to NZ from other countries and New Zealanders are generally more familiar with these breeds than Australians.

You may also be able to run by riding a horse or a donkey, even though technically it is not allowed.

There are several different ways to experience horse racing.

For the casual horse fan, there are plenty of local horse racing events in New Zealand. The main attraction is usually Whangarei.

For more experienced horse owners, there are hundreds of venues across New Zealand (many of them in rural New Zealand).

There are a number of local events that can be held throughout the year where horses are run through a variety of races. In some cases, these events provide a better experience than attending a track or a national race.

How much does horse racing cost?

Racehorses are free to rent throughout the year

The cost

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