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The big advantage of sports betting for gamblers is that it is often quite simple. The odds and numbers you see at the bottom of the page can easily be worked out by simply looking at the name of the bet.

There are four different types of sports betting on the sports betting websites available.

1. Regular Betting

Regular sports betting is usually where the bettor starts at the bottom of the page by searching for a specific team or player. For example, a regular better might search for football or Formula One at their favourite betting company’s “Find Sports” page.

2. Sports Betting Special Offer

If you want to try out a sport to see if you love it or is like something you’ve seen before, then go for special offers like Super Sport or Super Poker with the sports betting website you like. Regular sports betting is usually the only site where regular sports bettors can get this type of bet without having to register.

3. Premier Sports Betting:

You can also go for more expensive bets by using a sports betting company. Premier sports betting is a particular site where a bettor is allowed to put a percentage or multiple of any other bet made via their web site (eg. $200 or $150 for Super Golf).

4. Sports Betting Special Offer:

The other method of getting a sports betting special offer is to wait a couple of weeks and start a betting service. To find out exactly what kind of sports betting special offer a particular betting company offers, you will have to ask them. However, the chances of them saying something special in response to your enquiry is pretty much zero.

What are the different types of sports betting on sports betting websites?

For different bettors who go for sports betting special offers, the most common type of sports betting they are interested in is Premier sports betting (i.e. Super Sport, Super Poker, Club Sports betting, etc.).

However, you may also opt for more obscure sports betting options such as European football betting, European Baseball betting and other sports.

There are also some special offers where there are special sports betting options specific to one or more bookmakers. These usually involve using their official Sportsbook.com or other site. Some of these are: 1-1-1.com, 1-1.org, 1-1.nl, 1-3-2, 1.3.my, 1.3

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