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The four main races are humans, elves, orcs and dragons. Humans are the most evolved, with the only exception being that some races may have some special genetic properties. Most humans can grow a wide variety of plants and animals to provide them with food and for many other reasons. Elves are a more advanced race than humans with their superior skills, knowledge and cunning. They can easily adapt to any environment. Orcs are the most brutal and vicious of the races. They are the most barbaric in their behavior toward other races, they often slaughter people indiscriminately to take or defend their own. Their bodies are incredibly tough, and can survive almost anything. They are also the most agile, they have short, thin legs and are as strong as humans. Dragons are a race that has a strange dual nature. On the one hand, they are a great and powerful race that often fight to protect their homeland, but they often fight with a strong desire toward death. On the other, they use magic to protect their world and their own existence. They can be very cruel and bloodthirsty, but they are incredibly intelligent and resourceful. Which one of the races are human? The most popular race for humans is the most commonly seen human. These are children who love to have fun and are generally open to new experiences. Children who love to get out and play, and have an active imagination to find their own fun and adventure in the world. There are usually three genders: male, female androgynous. Which one of the two most common genders on earth is the most human? There are approximately five genders on the planet earth: male, female, asexual and oecessary or transsexual. Some people think gender is an illusion in society or are just not aware of it. There are a small number of people who have a different gender, and they are referred to as intersex. Some people who are intersex are able to have an ambiguous gender experience. Others experience sexual arousal. Either way, if you choose to have an intersex experience or identity, you will be a true human. Are there two main races which are not human? Humans, elves, orcs and dragons will sometimes be known as two primary human races. However, many of the other races can be considered three races in their own right. These are dwarves, halflings, half-orcs and nagas. What if the characters are a person of a different race than what they are portrayed as on the page. Usually, the character is represented as someone

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