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On Saturday, a horse named Missy won a race at the New Zealand Derby. Missy has a record of 1,400 hours on the track. How do horses race when they have only 2.5 hours to go?

Horse racing has a set of rules that have to be adhered to and that has caused many injuries. If a player doesn’t comply, things can get really tricky because you’d be in a very, very serious situation where the horse could suffer some major injuries.

Here’s what rules of racing mean

Horse race tracks follow these set of rules, and they are the most important rule of all. They take place on an oval track (as opposed to the circular oval which is used for races for other purposes) because this allows for more distance and more variety in the racing.

Rule 1 – Race length

To be called a race, a horse has to give the same amount of race time in a race as the other horses in the race. So if three horses are competing for the first time in a race, this means that three horses will be racing for the first time in the race.

Rule 2 – The rider

The horse’s riding ability is very important in this race because the horse can run faster when it is more on its own because it has more control. If you don’t ride your horse the way it should run then it can easily hurt the other horses.

Rule 4 – The rules of racing

Rules of racing vary each year, as does the amount of stakes a horse gets. The odds of winning are often much higher in the UK than they are in the USA, as people tend to have more money to spend.

Most common horse race rules

The following are the most common horses that compete in racing.


A racing greyhound. Rabbits are considered ‘hardy’ because of their agility and ability to do quick turns at a fast pace. Many horses that are used for racing are trained to have the same stamina as a greyhound. This means that they are able to run well on their own.

Shetland pony (or stallion)

A mare that does not have a colt or stallion in its family to compete against. Shetland mares are used by breeding teams mainly in racing.

American racehorses

American racehorses are used mainly in the breeding and racing fields. They

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