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The chances that the Indianapolis 500 will sell out are about a thousand to 1.

In fact it doesn’t matter much at most races because of a rule change. The new rules force race day ticket holders in non-revenue classes to pay more. The new rules prevent the races from taking money away from the bottom of the ticket price, but it’s hard to change that with any regularity. Race day seats in the $2,500-$3,000 class are a lot harder to get for most races due to the rule. It’s tough to find a spot that sells $2,500 tickets that won’t increase your ticket prices by $1,500 just by virtue of the rule change.

So there’s a great chance you aren’t going to get a seat in the next Indy 500, but not a great chance you can’t get a seat if you buy good seats. Some will say that $2,500 isn’t that much to pay for a seat, however that is probably not true. And if you’re looking for a seat that’s a good place to be, you need to be willing and able to shell out more for it. You want to have more leverage than just to play by the rules.

We all knew that as the race got bigger, the odds for winning or beating the Indy 500 dropped. A good bet on the Indy 500 is always good money and can often be better than the $1,500-3,000 seats. A very good bet to make in most races is at least $1,000 for the best seats, though it can be hard to buy one of the best seats at all. This isn’t because it’s impossible to win more than one race, but because we only win a limited number of them and it is difficult to find a seat at a race that is one out of every seven days.

A good bet on the next Indy 500 is if you can get a seat for $1,000 and you can find a seat for $3,000.

All that said, even if you can’t get seats that are perfect, you don’t know the exact chances of a $3,000 seat at Indy. That’s why it’s a good idea to try to find some seats like $2,500 seats, even if you can’t get one in that group. You should still be willing and able to play by the rules for the money that you get. Of course everyone knows what a $1,000

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