Is the Racing Post app free? – Horse Racing Calendar 2019 Malaysia

You do not need to upgrade any part of your experience to enjoy this app.

This free racing app was designed by the best in the biz for racing enthusiasts, to give you the very best in real-world racing at a reasonable price.


• See what’s trending

• Search and bookmark your favorite tracks

• Fast, fast search results

• Add new profiles and records – just like that: tap the “Add Records” button – do it again and again

• Find all the official racing app events here – go to our page and get them for FREE!

• Create your own profiles and races, or browse our community for other people to race with!

You only need to upgrade one feature of your experience:

• Choose how much time you want to save on your racing experience each month (optional)

• Auto Save your tracks in addition to any other records you’ve added

• Add a custom title, description and leaderboard

• Add photos and video for your racer

If you’d like to help fund the development of a new racing app, or just have a nice opinion about the way things are working,

please leave a comment on our website at

The racing app is owned by our partners, so they can add their own content, and we can make money from the usage of the features, provided they keep them in their content.

The app is not for purchase.

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