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Let’s take a look at all the pros and cons I’ve come across in order to come to my own conclusion… Let’s go!


1. Free

2. Easy to use

3. Easy to navigate

4. Works on most browsers

5. Customizable

6. Highly customizable

7. Not a huge download


1. No auto-spam

2. Sometimes hard to understand or find an answer

What happens if you don’t like your new favorite website? Take the website on a random whim! I know people hate getting a new website, but if you really want to be lucky, do it for a few days. Make sure to keep it nice and clean. Don’t waste your time with ugly backgrounds or horrible typography. Your new website is going to start out with a lot of potential, but when you look at it for a few days, it may not look that great and could have taken much longer to create.

3. More work than you thought

When you’re on a website with a bunch of links out to others, a search for your domain name will bring up an index of more than 15,000 domain names for you to choose from. These domains were also indexed by the search engines, but not in the ranking order: they were left off the index.

The index is the area your web server looks for to find relevant content. Search engines index, but not in the search engine order so when you go to your host, you are likely to see less entries than you intended.

After a good amount of research, it made sense to try to remove the more “uninteresting” domains and add a few “better” alternatives. In the end, I chose to keep the “Lucky15” domain, as it contained a lot of good content on many different topics.

Here’s a summary of what I considered:

1. Domain name: Lucky15

2. Hosted Host:

3. Hosting Company: Hostmaster

4. Keywords: “lucky”

5. Location: USA

6. Domain Age: 14 days
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7. Registration date: April 15, 2017

8. Domain Price: $1,908

9. Registration Status: FREE

10. Registration Time: 17 hours (or more)

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