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Well, we’re not exactly sure how. I’m not sure how long it’s legal to dunk in the water. The most commonly cited source (yes, you read that right) is:

“The New York City Board of Health said it found no proof that the practice is in violation of any regulations. But, according to city records, the Department of Education’s New York City Office of Education and the New York City Department of Health said the practice is illegal. Both officials said they had never heard of such a practice.

So, I guess the question is, “Is it legal to dunk in a horse?” It sure seemed like it to me.

Question: Does dunking in the water count as ‘bidding’?

So, the question for us isn’t whether dunking on a horse counts as a bid for food or water, but rather, “Does dunking in a horse count as a bid of any kind as provided for by the federal law on bid and payment for services provided by a public agency, or does it count as a bid in any other way.” If you don’t mind a little ambiguity, I like this answer. Also, if you’re more of a math nerd, just see below how I came up with this one.

If a bid for food or water is accepted, that means a public servant has paid you for your services. The actual dollar amount you’ve received remains confidential. The payment from public servants, which might be less or more, is not discussed with an official, such as the Department of Housing and Urban Development. (We’ve found out that some agencies have used this tactic to hide the actual dollar amount of a bid received.)

If you’re not using the federal law on bid and payment for services provided by a public agency, how does this apply to the horse? I’ll give you an example based on the definition of a bid for food and water.
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“A bid for food or water is a payment in cash for food or for the cost of buying or cleaning a horse if the cost is a specific amount.” To bid for food, you’d have to do one of several things before accepting that payment:

Have a horse for free.

Go to a farm and buy a horse just for the day.

Be sure to tell the farm you’re not paying for food, if that’s your preference.

Be sure the farm knows that you’re buying a horse and that you aren

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